How can my customers make payments with cryptocurrencies?

How can my customers make payments with cryptocurrencies?

You may enable two types of payment methods on the Bitpace platform as below:

1. Fix deposit (formerly named Payment):

This method is used for collecting payment for a specific amount in exchange for a product or service. The price of your product or service is fixed for a certain period of time. Therefore, the fixed deposit method has a specific amount and timeout duration for a transaction to be accepted. This is more of a point-of-sale method.
2. Dynamic deposit (formerly named Deposit):

There is no time or amount limit set other than the specified minimum transaction amount. This method allows your customers to top-up their account on your system as a merchant via using Bitpace.

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    • What are the available currency options on Fixed Deposit method?

      EURO for FIAT. BTC BCH LTC XRP for Fixed Deposit ETH BTC BCH LTC XRP  for Dynamic Deposit
    • What's the difference between completed and accepted in Fixed Deposit?

      A transaction is "COMPLETED", if it has directly completed by the system because the sender has sent the whole and exact coin amount of the payment order, as requested.  A transaction may be "ACCEPTED" by the merchant manually only if it is a ...
    • How do i get customers to deposit to my account?

      You need to create a deposit address first with "create deposit address" method and it will return a blockchain address. When you pass it to your customer and when he/she send coins to this address we immediately change it to FIAT and notify you ...
    • How to make a refund to the customer?

      There are multiple methods for refunding your customer: 1. You may refund any of your refundable orders from the order list page on the Merchant Panel. If you click the refund button for any refundable order & input the delivery Wallet Address, your ...
    • How many deposit addresses can i generate?

      There is no limit for creating deposit addresses. However, please keep in mind that we don't expire previously created addresses. Any transactions done via these addresses will still be valid.