What are the available currency options on Fixed Deposit method?

What are the available currency options on Fixed Deposit method?


BTC BCH LTC XRP for Fixed Deposit

ETH BTC BCH LTC XRP  for Dynamic Deposit

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    • How can my customers make payments with cryptocurrencies?

      You may enable two types of payment methods on the Bitpace platform as below: 1. Fix deposit (formerly named Payment): This method is used for collecting payment for a specific amount in exchange for a product or service. The price of your product or ...
    • How do i get customers to deposit to my account?

      You need to create a deposit address first with "create deposit address" method and it will return a blockchain address. When you pass it to your customer and when he/she send coins to this address we immediately change it to FIAT and notify you ...
    • What's the difference between completed and accepted in Fixed Deposit?

      A transaction is "COMPLETED", if it has directly completed by the system because the sender has sent the whole and exact coin amount of the payment order, as requested.  A transaction may be "ACCEPTED" by the merchant manually only if it is a ...
    • How many deposit addresses can i generate?

      There is no limit for creating deposit addresses. However, please keep in mind that we don't expire previously created addresses. Any transactions done via these addresses will still be valid.
    • How to withdrawal from my balance on Bitpace?

      You can withdrawal your balance that you collected with the Bitpace payment solution, either in coin or in FIAT currency.  The minimum transaction limit for a withdrawal transaction is worth 25 EUR & the upper limit per transaction is worth 100,000 ...