How to manage withdrawal coin fees?

How to manage withdrawal coin fees?

The withdrawal fees of the external system are reflected on all the transactions going out from the Bitpace system. You may set your preference on how to display the prices and where to apply the charges in order to manage this fee structure from the “Fees & Charges” section on the merchant panel under Account settings > Merchant Information.

Please be noted that the fee breakdown of  the merchant panel is in the "make payment" module
The withdrawal fee here will be deducted separately from the sending amount by default. This means it will be deducted from the merchant balance. 
All fee-breakdowns will be provided on this page separately. 

Example breakdown for 100 EUR/ETH:
Commission Rate: % 0.90
Withdrawal Fee: 0.02 ETH
FIAT Amount to Pay: 131.40 EUR
ETH to Receive: 0.064855

How to manage withdrawal coin fees?
1. If you prefer separating the amount to exclude the fee from the price and deducting the fee from the merchant balance instead of from the sending amount, the following request parameter needs to be added: “exclude_withdraw_fee”:true
Please be noted that if this parameter is added, the withdrawal fee will not be included in the price and it will not be deducted from the amount being sent, it will be deducted from the merchant balance and the fees will be displayed as below: Endpoint: “/api/v1/orders/prices” Example request: “cryptocurrency_amount”: 1, “cryptocurrency”: “eth”, “order_type”: “WITHDRAW”, “exclude_withdraw_fee”:true Example response: “total_amount”: 1533.98, “currency”: “EUR”, “cryptocurrency_amount”: 1.000000, “cryptocurrency”: “ETH”, “withdraw_fee”: 0.02000, “withdraw_fee_value”: 30.3400 2. If you prefer displaying the price with the fee and deducting the fee from the sending amount, the following request parameter needs to be set as false: “exclude_withdraw_fee”:false
Example request: “cryptocurrency_amount”: 1, “cryptocurrency”: “eth”, “order_type”: “WITHDRAW”, “exclude_withdraw_fee”:false Example response: “code”: “00”, “message”: “Response Approved”, “data”: { “token”: “YqlmMpHnOGMvWUwRsGAOq+VEJoPPD6sk7KrkGQmJCA8VmyFRnMtCJSRbuwTjCky0rJcaaFQ+QRGTOqu1VyMqb9ntR+8vqzBUt4Q4JlwGGBcYaCK+J3F3bi9RaT4lRxhz”, “total_amount”: 1537.17, “currency”: “EUR”, “cryptocurrency_amount”: 0.980000, “cryptocurrency”: “ETH” },

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